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The following questions and answer may help aid in the determination of when, why, and how much e-waste fees to collect.

Q: When do I have to file the E-Waste return and pay the fee?

As of January 1, 2014, the reporting basis was changed from a quarterly to annual reporting basis. The next annual return will be for 2015 and will be due on January 31, 2016.

Q: Does the State Board of Equalization send reminder when the return is due?

Yes. Normally, the State Board of Equalization mails forms for filing returns one month before the due date.

Q: What products are subject to the E-Waste fee?

The E-Waste fee applies to the following devices if the screen, monitor, or cathode ray tube (CRT) measures more than four inches diagonally:

  • CRTs, televisions and computer monitors containing CRTs, and other devices containing CRTs
  • Laptop computers and desktop monitors with LCD screens
  • LCD and plasma televisions, excluding projection televisions
  • Portable DVD players with LCD screens

Q: What are the different E-Waste fee amounts?


A: The fee is based on the viewable screen size of the device, measured diagonally, as follows:

Viewable Screen Size, Measured Diagonally

Amount of the E-Waste Fee
4 inches or less Not applicable
More than 4 inches but less than 15 inches ​$3
15 inches or more but less than 35 inches ​$4
35 inches or more ​$5